Too often, the category approach is not in place to start with so spend is not leveraged and individual suppliers with individual relationships are in place. If a contract happens to be in place, the spend, the contract, the supplier and the market it operates within go unchecked. There is no integrated strategy across the business. The opportunity for procurement and the group of users, buyers and technical experts fail to realize the value of managing the product and service as a grouped category over the life of the contracts.

Category Management Services

Category Management  will assume responsibility for managing the category over the life of the strategy while building and developing the relationship with the category team to ensure the delivery of real value
Category Management Support Provide support to the procurement team on various aspects of managing the category such as spend analysis, market research, and stakeholder engagement
Category Management Implementation Provide direction and support to organizations embarking on category management

Our Category Management

Category management is the continual monitoring of expenditures, quality, service, performance and risk as they relate to costs for that category – grouped spend. It helps comment utiliser cialis to capture the value identified within the category strategy over the life of the strategy and contracts. It creates collaboration between all user functions from within the organization and this ensures that spend and specifications are leveraged while driving costs to optimal levels, improving service levels and enabling functions to concentrate on core business processes.

At, we believe a category management approach will ensure your strategy delivers the value that was identified and that it is aligned to business and market conditions. Thinking as a category as opposed to an individual product or service or supplier will allow for the better management of spend and supply sources.