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Our experts have a solid track record of developing sustainable procurement capability at our clients – together we have worked with numerous organizations starting on the path to SRM and also been engaged to assist organizations to intervene with key suppliers and get them back on the right performance path, we developed and delivered learning and upskilling solutions to new and mature Procurement Functions and their internal clients throughout Palestine, Jordan, Dubai, Kenya, Denmark for leading edge multinationals and large private and public sector organizations.



Mr. Mahmoud M. Khweis, CM is one of the few Internationally Certified Managers by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers –ICPM -, James Madison University, Virginia, USA.  An experienced management strategists, a lead consultant, a toastmaster public speaker, an entrepreneur, a business mentor, a life skills coach,  a supply chain specialist, public procurement expert, an ISO9001:2008Lead Auditor, a military and police gear expert, international markets innovator, a trainer, a presenter and more is what forms this Palestinian who lives in Jerusalem, Mr. Khweis first graduated from the St. George’s School in Jerusalem, and then started his education in Ophthalmic Sciences before joining Birzeit University in Palestine to elaborate well and gain a degree in Small Scales Business Management in partnerships with Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. He gained his MBA in 2006 from Belford University School of Management.


Currently, Mr. Khweis is holding more than one occupation:

  • CEO, Procure.ps for Training & Logistics Services
  • Management Instructor and Curriculum Reviewer / Institute of Certified Professional Manager/ James Madison University, Virginia /USA,
  • Chairperson / Global Network for Rights and Development / Jerusalem
  • Palestine Representative / The Canadian Arab Forum of BC
  • Founder / Jerusalem Center for Educational Enrichement
  • Founder / Palestine Network for Social Accountability Initiatives / Palestine
  • Co-Founder / CEO / South M&D Facility Services / Jordan,
  • Co-Founder / CEO / ISOimp.com / Palestine
  • Co-Founder / CEO / South Establishment LLC / Delaware USA
  • Owner / Alfa Gym for Ladies Fitness / Jerusalem,
  • Board Member, Start-ups Mentor / Arabreneurs / Palestine,
  • Manager / pre and post Publishing Non-fiction / Authors United, Pakistan
  • Spokesperson / Jerusalem Motorcycle Association / Jerusalem.


But his business experience goes far beyond that to include senior positions at many International Organizations, ie. Civic Forum Institute, British Council, AMIDEAST, The United Nations, World Bank, Association International Services, Medical Relief International, The United Nation Food and Agricultural Organisation and the World Food Programme in Palestine.


He has participated in managing multi-millions dollars relief and development projects, such as the United Nations E-Voucher project, building and renovations of hospitals and medical clinics, as well as schools and kindergartens renovations in various areas in the West Bank.     He was directly involved in planning and managing various water, sewage and waste water studies and services.  Mr. Khweis has excellently managed hundreds of constructions and procurement contracts from initiation to closing.


His strength is in his wide and complex knowledge and experience, his excellent management skills. He has an excellent interpersonal and communication skills and capabilities to increase the quality of work and overall performance of the trainees. He plans, organizes and implements wide range of training programs for new and experienced people to achieve particular goals. He is able to assess ultimate needs and requirements of the company and train the individuals accordingly. He is an expert in evaluating training materials, educational curriculums and able to prepare alternate ideas in case of unsatisfactory condition of training.  He has a wide experience in facilitating meetings and workshops for a wide range of people from elders to ministers, with a good experience working with entrepreneurs and youth.



Best Practices In Managing Public Procurement – Entrepreneur’s book 2012 /ISBN: 978-3659230592


 Management In Tips – Senior Manager’s book 2010 / ISBN: 9789950850


Expert / Project Management, Procurement


Mr. Awad, the Current Head of Business Administration Department at Al-Quds University, is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Instructor.

Mr. Awad has more than 22 years of extensive experience in projects management, which covers but not limited to Supply Chain, Construction, Education and Training.

He is enriching Procure.ps team, with a remarkable and extensive professional experience in managing procurement projects and administer contracts. He taught Procurement at The Polytechnic University and at Al Quds University for over than 18 semesters.

Mr. Awad with his MBA and BSc in Engineering, has conducted more than 100 courses over the eight years in the fields of Procurement, Operations and Project Management related topics.

In addition for being also a Contracts Certified Trainer for Engineers Association and EFE, he has also conducted tens of studies in the field of supply chain, upskilling company’s procurement staff and helped many companies to get back to the right performance path.

Mr. Awad is a member of Jordanian Engineers Association and a member of Redr (Registered Engineers for Disaster Relief)

His awards are not limited to the following:

  • Meritorious Honor Award for Design Review from USAID.
  • Meritorious Honor Award for working in difficult circumstances from USAID.
  • Many other Certificates of Appreciation for outstanding performance.
Expert / Procurement Analyst, Market & Sourcing Specialist


Ms. Abu Sway is currently the head of Procurement Department at the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS).  Ms. Abu Sway is one of the few female professionals in Palestine with more than 10 years of professional experience handling and managing procurement projects.   She is a subject matter expert in managing supplier’s performances and scorecards.

Her expertise is not limited to manage the detailed procurement process, starting with assessing the needs, until the final satisfactory delivery of goods / services, but, her experience goes beyond that to evaluate processes, conduct market research and prepare statistical reports.

Ms. Abu Sway is the Chairman at Social Accountability Committee acting and she is acting as a permanent member at the Procurement Committee, Research and Development Committee.

Account Manager


Mr. Musleh main specialty is in making things happen.  He has a wide knowledge in the market with huge resourcing. Mohammad has helped our clients to secure sources that meet their needs with lower cost options and quality services.  Mohammad is our man on the ground, he finds strategical relationship between clients and customers. Mr. Musleh accompany our clients and conduct negotiations on their behalf’s to reach a win win deal for both parties.

Mr. Adnan Ghosheh
Associate / Strategic Management Adviser, Technical Analyst


With over 18 years of professional working experience in Development Cooperation, Adnan Ghosheh is a skilled technical advisor in different parts of the Middle East and North Africa. Mr. Ghosheh has led public projects related to housing, local governance, infrastructure development, education, and policing. His core competences are project management, with a focus on technical assistance and capacity building at national and local (municipal) levels.

Currently, Mr. Ghosheh is the Senior MENA Advisor at the Affordable Housing Institute (AHI). Prior to joining AHI, Mr. Ghosheh worked for the German International Cooperation (GIZ), the German Bank for Development (KfW), and USAID. He was involved in steering many projects. Most notably, Mr. Ghosheh was the Team Leader for the development of the Saudi National Housing Strategy, a key reference for developing the Kingdom’s housing sector and meeting the ambitious goal of delivering 500,000 housing units with a budget of 250 Billion Saudi Riyals. As Team Leader, Mr. Ghosheh led a 15-person team of international and national experts on regulatory matters, including urban development, institutional reform, housing finance, socio-economic development, modeling, housing subsidies, and charitable housing.

Mr. Ghosheh has designed, managed, and evaluated, numerous projects and contracts in Palestine focused on building and improving governance. As the Governance Lead for the USAID Effective Governance Program, he supervised the design of the procurement portal for the Higher Council for Public Procurement Policies. As the Strategic Management Advisor for GIZ, he supported the process for implementing capacity building packages to reform community policing. As the Senior Technical Advisor for KfW, he represented KfW in leading the Sector Wide Approach process for Joint Financing Agreement on donor support of the education sector. As the Stratgeic Planning Expert, he led the elaboration of City Development Strategy financed by Cities Alliance for the Ramallah-AlBireh-Bitunia metropolitan area, in addition to preparing a national concept for strategic planning with the aim of reaching sustainable urban development for Palestinian municipalities.

Mr. Ghosheh also worked as a professional moderator in the MENA. He chaired many conferences in the Gulf focusing on housing and finance such as CityScape. He also acted as a panelist and keynote speaker and many events. For GIZ, he moderated numerous workshops focusing on the evaluation, design, and planning of various projects.

Mr. Ghosheh’s international work experience spans Georgia, Germany, Israel, Kuwait Libya, Palestine/West Bank, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the US. With a Bachelors in Industrial Technology/Electronics Engineering from San Francisco State University in California, USA, he is a certified Professional Moderator from the Asian Management Institute in Thailand. He also has a post-graduate diploma in Strategic Planning from Erasmus University – Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies in Rotterdam, Netherlands and a MBA from Birzeit University, Palestine. Mr. Ghosheh is fluent in Arabic and English. As a professional moderator, Mr. Ghosheh volunteers in providing mentoring and advice as well as moderation of participatory planning workshops, particularly for local grass-root initiatives and entrepreneurship.

Fatema Dana
expert and gender and child protection.


Hashem Abu Hassan
agro business and farming.



Razan Abdeen

Enas Qadmani

Ahlam Mashal

Kefaya Sbitan

Luna Shtayeh

Dana Joulani

Mahmoud Abdeen

Imad Jafar