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Prefabricated Houses (Caravans)

Our Partners (South Establishment) for supportive services and Metal Works was Established in 2001 as individual establishment providing catering, maintenance, cleaning, manpower, metal works services, and with the dedicated work and the continued development for the accredited services, we became a leading establishment in these fields in Jordan with a sales that exceeded 20,000,000 USD Twenty Million USD until the end of 2010 AD.

It established the workshop for prefabricated buildings and Metal works as part of the establishment with the same managerial methods, as we manufacture Prefabricated Buildings and caravans with different sizes and usages.

And many of these portable cabins (caravans) were provided for Syrian Refugees camps north of the Jordanian Kingdom such as Al-Zaatari Camp and others; also we would like to inform you that we have the capacity to produce and manufacture portable cabins (caravans) with an average of (40-50) per day as.

Our Clients

We and our partners have qualified trained staff from engineers and technicians with at least 80 individuals. We have manufactured and provided these portable caravans for many Embassies, companies, local and foreign institutions and individuals, for example:


  1. Jordanian Armed Forces
  2. Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (Jordan / Gaza).
  3. The Taiwanese Embassy in Jordan
  4. The Pakistani Embassy in Jordan
  5. The Egyptian Embassy in Jordan.
  6. Bin Asheer Group Donation Campaign (U.A.E)
  7. Several Saudi Donation Campaigns.
  8. Jordanian Donation Committee (The accommodation).
  9. Several Campaigns for Engineers Association (Jordan).