Organizations depend upon suppliers for so much of what they do – from energy, to machinery, spares, ingredients, packaging, travel, supplies, works and services. It is vital to know that you have chosen the right supplier, and to know this before they start on the job. The consequences of a poor selection can be very damaging.

Some organizations do not do their homework – they fail to specify their requirements, they use highly unstructured and poorly managed processes, or they ‘know’ who they want. These failures will cause business and supply disruption.

Supplier Selection (Tender) Services

Managed Sourcing Events Provide end-to-end management of supplier selection process employing a structured sourcing methodology
Tender Management Manage the tender process after the client develops the specification – includes documentation development, publication, evaluation(s), shortlisting and award
Sourcing Programmes Provide end-to-end management of supplier selection process employing a structured sourcing methodology for a portfolio of categories
Public Sector Tender Management Manage the entire project covering tender strategy, supplier pre-qualifications, tender documentation, evaluations, contract awards and program governance; all done to ensure compliance with the EU and National procurement legislation and directives.

Approach and Experience

All staff at The are procurement practitioners and are trained in our Strategic Sourcing process. This process is based on procurement industry best practice, and has been refined through years of practical experience. Each step of the process uses a structured methodology to ensure only sources that meet technical, quality and financial requirements are selected. Our professionals have the requisite category and process knowledge and experience.

Our experience in carrying out private and public sector tenders is extensive, across a wide range of categories, and for a broad range of clients in both locally and globally. We have tendered hundreds of millions of US Dollars of business in categories such as IT equipment & professional services, software solutions, general professional services, transportation, temporary labor, travel, capital equipment, waste and water management studies, facilities management, constructions and many others.